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  Cash Donations - (By Check or Credit Card: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.) These donations are vital to the annual operating fund.
  Stock Donations - Gifts of stock may be given directly or used to fund charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts.
  In-Kind Donations - These are donations of materials provided toward the completion of a project, such as shingles to repair or replace a roof, and also include Liberty Youth Ranch's commodities program.
  Matching Donations - These donations come from businesses and corporations that match the charitable gifts of their employees.
  Capital Purchases/Donations - These are the purchase and donation of items crucial to the operation of Liberty Youth Ranch. Examples of capital purchases include furniture or computer equipment.
  Property - These are gifts of land, buildings, automobiles, jewelry, artwork, coin collections and other gifts of real or personal property.
  Will and/or Living Trust - A donor specifies a percentage or dollar amount of his or her estate to be provided to Liberty Youth Ranch at the time of death.
  Charitable Gift Annuity - A donor gives a sum of money in return for a set percentage rate of return for life.
  Charitable Remainder Trust (Unitrust & Annuity Trust) - A donor funds a trust in return for a set percentage rate of return for life with the trust principal going to Liberty Youth Ranch at the donor's death.
  Lead Trust - A donor funds a trust whereby Liberty Youth Ranch receives annual income with the trust principle going to a designated party once the estate taxes have been offset by the contributions to Liberty Youth Ranch.
  Life Estate - A donor gives a property to Liberty Youth Ranch, but is allowed to use the property until the death of the donor.
  Memorials and Honorariums - A donor gives a gift in memory or in honor of someone.


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