A Note from Our Founder

Dear Friends,

We at Liberty Youth Ranch know in our hearts that children are not statistics. Born in innocence each child has the potential to achieve greatness…to save a life through scientific brilliance…to defend our nation from treacherous enemies…to teach in a classroom, to preach in a pulpit, to parent and nurture a new life of promise.

But without the love, caring guidance and security, our children may not become who we wish them to be.

Liberty Youth Ranch is a nurturing home for vulnerable boys and girls, providing food, clothing, education, healthcare, hope and healing.

With your support, together we are providing children a loving family and a future. The skills they learn at the Ranch will not only affect their lives today, but will abound for generations to come.

Thank you for interest in our calling and purpose and in the children who call the Ranch their home.

For the Children,

Alan C. Dimmitt, MPA

Founder, President & CEO